Mustang 4WD Dynamometer

Audi on CC Tuning dyno

A power run is a simple test we can run to show the bhp and torque your car is producing at the wheels. We can also approximate the power at the flywheel. Your car will be put on the rollers and two to three runs will be done to make sure any particular run does not give a freak result.

We record the following results for each car run:

Bhp at the wheels Torque at the wheels Bhp at the flywheel Torque at the flywheel Boost pressure (forced induction only) Air/fuel mix


We can plot all these variables against each other, giving you a clear picture of how your car is running.

The air fuel setting is taken from a wide band lambda sensor placed in the exhaust and gives both us and you a clear idea of how the car is running on the rollers, it also enables us to stop the session if we think damage could be done by continuing.

Power runs take about 45 minutes and are priced at £100.  Some big power/rare cars require extra time to set up on the rollers, we may charge more than standard for these cars, but if this is the case we will advise you when you book.