Remapping is carried out by uploading a file to your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port. This is called “flash tuning” and is the way most modern cars are programmed.

Remapping offers great flexibility in tuning options, whether your car is petrol or diesel. Remapping has the same end results as chip tuning, but is achieved without the need for removing, or de-soldering, the chip from your ECU.

Once we have read the data from your cars ECU we will then begin the process of customising your remap to suit your needs.  As all software is designed in-house we are able to produce the power or economy required to meet your specification.

With over 20 years experience in car tuning within the motor trade you can relax in the knowledge that your car is in good hands.

View the links above for more information on the different types of remap we offer.

Customer Feedback

Seat Leon 130 PD – Barry Carlisle

Arranged my remap at short notice and the whole process only took about an hour. Was very impressed with the service given by Chris who talked me through every stage of the remap. The Leon performed well in its original state but after the remap …wow! It really was like driving a different car, cannot recommend highly enough.

Audi A3 2.0 TDI – Richard Stoner

Just like to say thanks to CC Tuning for remapping my A3 2.0 TDI. What a difference it has made, the car has heaps of power yet still drives so smooth. Top marks to them I would definitely recommend this service.

Golf GTI and Ibiza TDI – Andy Mosley

I have so far had 2 cars remapped by CC Tuning, a Golf GTI and Ibiza TDI, and I can not recommend them highly enough. Very pleasant to deal with, great price, and most importantly fantastic results.