Economy Tuning

Advanced fuel economy solution

CC Tuning is a company that offers the latest fuel economy solutions to both commercial and private sectors.

Due to the advancements in computer technology and software it is now possible to have any modern vehicle re-configured to offer significant economy and performance gains. With fuel prices at their current level people are looking for ways to reduce their fuel costs.

So over the past few years millions of pounds have been invested in producing hardware and software that can enhance the manufacturers standard settings.

How it works

Basically we re-configure the files (remap) responsible spark, fuel, boost pressure and torque etc. These files are altered to offer a smoother power curve with a significant increase in torque. Increased torque means you need to use less rev’s to generate the same motion and power thus offering significant fuel saving. The optimum levels of torque are configured in the most economical band of the rev range, this further encourages the driver to utilise the rev range at which the vehicle feels most powerful at which we ensure is also the most economical. The vehicle will have more torque and have a smoother power delivery and now return upto 20% better fuel economy. Due to the increased levels of torque your drivers will need fewer down changes in the gearbox and will be less likely to use the higher less economical end of the rev range.

The Process

All modern vehicles have their engine’s managed electonically, this system is commonly known as an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU manages every function of your engine using pre-programmed files, these files can be accessed using state of the art technology via the vehicles OBD (on board diagnostic’s) port. Once the files are accessed a copy is made, this copy has certain files re-configured, and once the files are modified they are written back to the vehicles via the OBD port.

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