Engine Management Diagnostics

Engine Management Diagnostics

If your vehicle is not working as it should be, we can identify the cause of any problem using mobile vehicle diagnostic equipment. We can carry out checks on the engine management systems, airbag systems, ABS systems, interior electrics, transmissions systems and much more. This means that whether your car is simply displaying a warning light or is not running due to a component failure, we can help with our state of the art diagnostic equipment.

Air leaks

As turbocharged vehicles become more and more common, the need to identify air leaks is becoming paramount. An air leak on a turbocharged vehicle will usually only be under pressure and it means your turbo charger will be over speeding in order to compensate, thus shortening its life dramatically. We have special equipment that enable us to pressure test a vehicles intake system as though it is under boost and we can pressure test right up to 60 psi where necessary.

Emission tester

As you know your car is fitted with a very sophisticated engine management system and you can, most of the time register that you have poor emissions emitted from your vehicles tail pipe by talking to the individual sensors. However the emission tester can also reveal other problems that the ECU will not always pick up on such as high hydro carbons due to unburnt fuel or high o2 content which could be down to an air leak. Its another back up test to ensure your car will pass its MOT.

We have the ability to open up your vehicles software and find key areas for diagnostics purposes. We can visualise at what load and RPM your car will be doing and cross refer that to your cars diagnostic readings. For example at 5000 rpm under wide open throttle we can see what your ignition timing, boost and fuels should be as per request from your vehicles brain. If there is a difference between what the ECU is asking and what your vehicle is doing it makes it easier to diagnose a problem. This is something that not even the dealers can offer let alone your average garage.

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