Performance Remap

At CC Tuning we develop all our own software in house using our 4 wheel drive chassis dyno whilst carrying out data log checks on the vehicles ECU’s.

We are able to develop software by adjusting individual or multiple maps like fuel, timing, boost pressure, various limiters and much more whilst testing on the dyno. This way we can see what effect it has on your engine and performance and enhance the vehicles performance without effecting reliability and longevity of your engine.

Diesel Remapping

Due to the diesel’s getting more popular many people are pushing the boundaries when it comes to performance diesels.We have successfully remapped diesel engines fitted with front mounted intercooler’s, larger or hybrid turbo’s, performance exhaust systems and much more. Even with the extra power given by these diesel engines in most cases the engine’s run more efficient and actually improve your fuel consumption.

Petrol Performance

Vehicles fitted with a turbo charger will give the best gains when remapping and can give huge gains. We have seen over 100 bhp gain from a remap alone when mapped with supporting modifications. In most ECU’s there are thousands of maps which control every aspect of the running of the car. Although we don’t need all the maps to improve the power we are always working towards getting a full understanding of the engine management structure. This can not be done without the use of our dyno and diagnostics tools.

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