Powergate 3

The most advanced tool to reprogram the ECU found in cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles.  Reading and writing are simple and intuitive.

With this device you can improve performance or economy or a mix of both with a selection of files as well as add/remove speed limiters by reprogramming your vehicles ECU via the diagnostic port.

This is an easy to use tool that you simply plug into the cars diagnostic port and the touch screen provides an easy step by step walkthrough to read and write files.  The Powergate can store up to 5 files so that you can have a selection of files available to be used.

If you chose to restore your vehicle back to original then the original file is stored on your Powergate V3 to allow full restore of factory settings at any time.

If you were to then buy another vehicle you would simply just need to purchase additional files and use the same Powergate to write the files to the car.

The Powergate comes with a high specification of 32bit CPU, ROM 512kB, RAM 32MB, Storage 256MB, Display TFT Colour 320×240 px, touchscreen, weight 140g, mini USB type B and optional cables.

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