Speed limiter on/off

Speed Limiter On/Off

Speed Limiter Off

At CC Tuning we are able to remove the speed limit which has been implemented into your vehicles engine control unit. We can either offer this as a standalone product or in conjunction with a CC Tuning remap of stage 1 or above, increasing the vehicles top end speed limiter for motorsport or track day use or across the autobahn without the speed limiter shutting your fun down.

Speed limiter On

We are also able to set a speed limiter where required. A hire company for example may require their vehicles to be set with a maximum speed limit of 80 mph so not to be abused.

We recently placed a limiter of 62 mph on the red bull minis so that the red bull cans don’t come off at high speeds.

Prices start from £195 for just the speed limiter removal or alternatively if you are having a remap carried out then the speed limiter removal will be free of charge.

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