Vauxhall VXR – Recommended Parts

We have been working on the Vauxhall VXR a lot recently so we thought we would share our recommendations for parts.

Here at CC Tuning we offer a software development service and we do not fit any parts as we simply do not have the time.  We do however have good contacts to build your car to either race or show standards.

Parts to replace if you are looking at achieving 285 – 310 bhp @ 21 psi boost:

A must for all Vauxhall VXR’s is to first replace the awful crossover pipe with a large bore turbo intake pipe and either cdti airbox or piper cross filter. This can give gains of around 10bhp due to improved flow and lower intake temperature so this is well worth doing.

Second, is to up-rate the intercooler as the stock one is very poor and once the boost is increased the temperature soon goes up.  Now there are lots out there but for these bigger is better. Something like the Airtech stage 2 or gobstopper or the toyosport 600x300x76 from eBay work really well. The smaller ones are a waste of time if you ask me.

The third, is obvious , the exhaust pre-cat needs to go and replaced by a turbo back system, be nice if its 2 3/4″ or 3″ depending on the end power you are looking to achieve.

Some people recommend uprated actuators but these should not be needed if you have done the above. It only causes extra heat on the stock turbo which will shorten the life. If however yours has gone weak then the 7psi turbo smart is more than enough.

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For those looking for more power for their Vauxhall VXR, we would recommend the following, but beware this will be expensive with an estimated price of £10,000 + dependant upon the quality of parts used:

Internals are needed now as its getting serious.

You can uprate the cams which work really well.

There are some really nice exhaust manifolds, I would recommend v band as its more reliable.

Then there’s plenty of turbo options from the gtx2867 giving 400+ bhp with ease to the huge gtx3076 which we will be aiming for 600+.

As for fuelling over 300 then you can start with the Siemens 630cc or Bosch ev-14 1000cc.  For 300bhp and above then the uprate the fuel pump with a stealth 340.  There are also hybrids available for 300-340bhp

On the transmission Helix 6 paddle clutch and lightened flywheel and gripper diff!

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