CC Tuning Head Office and Technical Research Centre

Here at CC Tuning we specialise in vehicle and ECU remapping and vehicle tuning. With over 21 years of hands on experience at the cutting edge of engine tuning and ECU remapping we can produce the very best in both power and economy. We take great pride in developing all our ECU remap programmes in house at our state of the art research centre working on development with real vehicles in real life conditions for many hundreds of miles. Our customers are welcome to visit our tuning research centre where we house our 800 bhp two wheel drive dynamometer.

No other car tuning and ECU remapping company offers the driver so much choice in the type of files that can be supplied. Why have an off the shelf tune when you can have a bespoke product entirely suited to your needs? Here at CC Tuning we offer a high level of customer service listening to you requirements, be it power, performance chip tuning, fuel economy tuning or motorsport remapping.

To best serve our clientele, CC Tuning has invested in the world’s leading diagnostic programing systems. As we use the finest equipment around, we are able to offer the highest quality car tuning chip equipment on the market today to anyone within the UK, not just Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Burton upon Trent.Choose CC Tuning With Confidence

Our quality and customer service is second to none, we will go out of our way to ensure your car gets the best service both before and after the remap. We have various dealer level diagnostic equipment so we can log data and diagnose any problems before the remap.

Remapping is an art, one map is in no way the same as another, CC Tuning can personally write a remap for one car in many ways so when comparing prices please keep in mind that we spend countless hours designing the very best maps and not just adding increases in increments for fun. This is a serious business and one mistake by adding the wrong values in your ECU can not only dramatically decrease your vehicles mpg but can decrease the life expectancy of your engine. This is why we invest so much time and money into development.

Long lived results are the aim of every customer with our engine diagnostics. At CC Tuning our aim is your goal!

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Money back guarantee offered with every remap to allow you time for testing.


Insurance backed remaps with an insurance backed policy of up to £2 million.