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A few of our most asked questions are given below, if anything is not covered please sendus a message.

How long will the remap take to be carried out?

As our maps are developed in house on the dyno times can vary from car to car but usually take between 2-6 hours to be completed.

Will the lifespan of my engine be reduced after the remap?

No. Our remaps are designed specifically to improve the performance of your vehicle whilst remaining within the tolerances of the manufacturers specifications keeping the exhaust gas temperatures within safety limits. This prevents any excessive wear to engine components.

Do I need to prepare my car for the remap?

Before you have the remap carried out you should make sure that the vehicle is in a good servicable condition so brakes, tyres and engine have no faults. Oil level is set to the correct level and you should have at least half a tank of fuel.

Do I need to notify my insurance company?

We recommend you notify your insurance company of any modifications to your vehicle. Many companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature however failure to disclose modifications may invalidate your policy. You may wish to speak with your insurer if the modification will affect your policy prior to choosing one of our services.

Can the remap be reversed?

Yes. We offer this service free of charge if you bring the vehicle back to us. Additionally, should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions we will be happy to reinstall the map onto your car free of charge where possible.

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